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Constitutional Rights of Coloureds violated by the SABC - MARCH - 16 June 2011 - to the SABC’s Radio Park JHB

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06 June 2011


The President of the Republic of South Africa
The Minister of Communications
The Chairman of the SABC Board
The Acting Group CEO of the SABC

The Constitutional Rights of Coloureds violated by the SABC!

We, the equality loving people of South Africa DEMAND that the constitutional discrimination against Coloured people by the SABC (South African Broadcast Corporation) be brought to an immediate end!

The fact that the SABC does not have any dedicated broadcast facilities for this group means that in South Africa, equality remains an illusion for some. While every group in South Africa has dedicated, state funded media facilities including radio stations [Lotus FM (Indians); Radio Sonder Grense (White Afrikaners); Ukhozi FM (Zulu), etc] the Coloured community is denied equal access to the same. Did we swap racial apartheid for an equally exclusionary and oppressive cultural apartheid?

As a result of not having equal access to radio, the SABC is blatantly violating the Coloured community's constitutional rights to freedom of expression while preaching a hollow message of “united in diversity” and “equality for all”. The rights to freedom of expression for the Coloured community are severely compromised by the status-quo and we, the South African Movement for Equality (SAME), seek the support of all South Africans in making right this grave injustice that has been allowed to go on unabated for far too long. Failure to address this issue will undoubtedly see another generation grow up outside of the system, thoroughly disenfranchised, disillusioned and stripped of their dignity by being denied a state funded community voice.

SAME believes that the lack of media for the Coloured community is a major contributory factor to the severe dysfunctia which continues to hold the community hostage. Unemployment in the Coloured community has increased by 5% since 1994; the Coloured community is by far the most incarcerated group in South Africa; the Coloured community has the highest rate of foetal alcohol syndrome in the world, to name a few social ills which continue to plague the community. These are but some of the symptoms which typify a community that is in dire need of the media tools of empowerment with which to set itself free and assume its space on the South African social scene as equals.

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