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Petition for Coloureds to have equal access to state funded media. Add your voice to this petition in order that a community long silenced can finally have its voice heard. This is THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Forward this to your friends.

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About Us

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“The quality of people’s lives can be poor even in the midst of plenty” (Human Development Report, 1996:43)

The South African Movement for EqualitySAME : - a non-political, non-racist, non-ethnic, non-sexist and non-religious voluntary association incorporated under section 21 of the Companies Act, seeking equality to the highest degree of political, social, and economical freedom for all South Africans, especially for those marginalised or minority groups.


Did you know that South Africa ranks as one of the most unequal countries in the world? It's true, in spite of the huge strides which this country has made in remedying the years of damage caused by apartheid, there remains a significant, ever-widening chasm which separates black from white and rich from poor, effectively diminishing the value and quality of the hard fought-for freedom which all of this country's citizens are meant to be enjoying.

The South African Movement for Equality (SAME) was formed after blatant, pervasive and systemic forms of oppressive inequality was identified within the South African landscape whereby certain groups and people are still marginalised.

That’s why some citizens stay in squatter camps and have to endure through freezing winter and scorching summer while the privileged few stay in houses with up to twenty bedrooms, while only about two bedrooms are occupied. That is also why if you steal a loaf of bread you might be sentenced for years while if you are able to afford an expensive and good lawyer you can walk free even if you have committed a most hideous crime. And that is also why only a few people in South Africa can strike BEE deals while the majority must be contend with the crumbles, if any. That is but to mention a few areas of staggering inequality.

The measurement of inequality through the gini-coefficient, reveals that South Africa is indeed one of the countries worldwide with the highest disparity.


The main object of SAME is for the provision to execute and set in operation the abilities and means for all South Africans and especially the marginalised to enjoy full equity, ownership and experience full equality in South Africa.


In the South African Constitution, the intend of social and economic equality is clearly shown, but unfortunately not most tangibly practiced.

The liberation documents which had preceded the Constitution, the Freedom Charter, also emphasise equality.

In line with these given and attested documents, primarily the South African Constitution lies the challenge for all South Africans, but especially the marginalised and those bearing the brunt of inequality, to set things right in an orderly and agreed manner through the platform that The South African Movement for Equality provides.


The South African Movement for Equality is tasked with …..

  • the unification, progress, development, upliftment and installation of on objective pride for South Africans and any minority and/or marginalised group
  • developing and enhancing equality and the general future prospects for persons from minority and marginalised groups,
  • promoting the achievement of the constitutional right to equality for all persons and in particular minorities and/or marginalised groups,
  • increasing effective participation of all persons and minorities and or marginalised groups in benefiting from the prosperity of South Africa,
  • securing that all minorities and the marginalised, enjoy equal rights, opportunities, facilities, respect and benefits as any other group or majority,
  • opposing any hindrance caused, planned or envisaged by any person or institution on the status or enjoyment of equality by a minority and/or marginalised group or person,
  • creating a platform and network for the marginalised in all sectors nationally,
  • engineering a broad-based understanding for the fulfilment and realization of equity and equality on the basis of the South African Constitutional precepts,
  • identifying and sharing business opportunities for the marginalized,
  • interfacing with all relevant stakeholders to foster a conducive environment to the empowerment of the marginalized,
  • actively lobbying to make appropriate resources more accessible to the poor and/or marginalized,
  • interfacing and engaging major role players in business, politics, social society and the religious communities.


In order for it to be an effective and efficient organisation, always moving towards fulfilling its vision and mission, The South African Movement for Equality has developed the following medium term strategic objectives.

  • Establish funding requirements and income streams for SAME
  • Design and implement management structures throughout the Organisation
  • Design the operational structure for SAME – regionally and nationally – e.g. Policy and Procedure manual and Membership Structure
  • Develop consulting policies in terms of what services are offered to members
  • Develop and implement a strategic marketing plan to be implemented on national and regional levels


The activities of The South African Movement for Equality benefit all persons and groups seeking equality and equity in South Africa. The South African Movement for Equality provides specific services to enhance equality for all persons and groups. Some of these services include:

  • Organising workshops and conferences
  • Develop a knowledge base and make it accessible to its members
  • Training
  • Research
  • Investments and Business Opportunities
  • Community Communications
  • Interface between members
  • Networking, lobbying and advocacy
  • Facilitation of access to finance/funding for business opportunities for the marginalized
  • Seeking investment or capital growth opportunities for members
  • Developing and maintaining an interactive website with information for members, containing news, legislation, articles, business opportunities, calendar and more.


The South African Movement for Equality will, in addressing the challenges of inequality, seek and endeavour to promote, establish and partner with any like institution or persons that addresses the ravishing problem of unabated inequality. We are currently establishing the following structures which will be used as vehicles to drive the overall goal and purpose of The South African Movement for Equality. These are:


With equal and affordable access to professional and non-propagandist media channels, the disadvantaged will remain uninformed and indeed be wronged by any degree of selective or biased use of media by any institution or person.

Economic Opportunities, Investments and Real Broad Black Economic Empowerment

It is a nationally agreed sentiment, observation and fact that most South Africans hardly benefit from Black Economic Empowerment and that only a privileged few reap the rewards of the post-1994 era. This is not acceptable. It augments and deepens inequality, especially on the economic level.

Technology for All

Technology is a very potent empowering tool. It is an instrument that shapes development all over the world and that also makes people, communities and countries shine in efficiency, productivity and innovation.

The South African Movement for Equality will endeavour, especially through Open Source based technology, to bridge the long and deep gap which whole communities and disadvantaged persons must contend with.

Strategic Partnerships

The South African Movement for Equality realises well that it will be beneficial, to both itself and other institutions, to form strategic partnership of whatever kind in fostering a unified and strengthened position to address the mammoth tasks at hand.



Without a strong civil society, even the most advanced Constitution is doomed for failure in terms of securing that all citizens are experiencing true equity and equality. What is needed in South Africa is an ever increasing and growing civil society with broader developmental goals instead of mere narrow ethnic or political goals. You can become part of The South African Movement for Equality. In fact, we encourage you to become involved for it is ultimately only through a concerted, common and mutual respecting effort that we can indeed bring the truest meaning humanly possible to the disadvantaged and marginalised masses and minority groups as well as individuals. This is how you can become involved with The South African Movement for Equality:

You can take out a Membership with us. (Click here for the application form)

You can decide to even Partner with SAME on any level that you deem mutually beneficial. (Click here to contact us)

You can become a SAME Ambassador, representing us in your field, workplace,

community and wherever you think you’ll be able to aid our course. (Click here to

contact us)


Any organisation starts somewhere. Our organisational strategist is working on a brief history of establishment of The South African Movement for Equality. We’ll place it on our website as soon as it is ready.

Meanwhile, the founding members who have dedicated time, patience, energy, finances and talents to the establishment of The South African Movement for Equality, are the following people whose dedication, sacrifice and goal directedness one can only honour and admire.


Alphabetcal list of founding members:

Charles Ash – Charles comes from IT and Open Source background and is an expert in these fields. He is involved with Nuro, Get Online and

Ronald Dyers – Ronald is a Development Specialist and Businessware Communications consultant, while also involved as a theologian. He runs his own consultancy.

Abbigail Elliot – Abby is a well versed Community Liaison person and is employed as a Legal Secretary at a large national legal firm.

Jeanine Paulsen – Jeanine works in the Arts and is also a seasoned Educationalist.

Nigel Perkett – Nigel works for a large corporate company and heads up its Strategic Planning and Implementation Department. He is a seasoned Strategist and Planner.


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